Change to Home Care is coming! How does your customer experience stack up against the sector?


Changing consumer expectations combined with government reforms are challenging home care providers in Australia to rethink the customer experience.

With the recent announcement by the Australian Government to push out the delivery of the new Support at Home Program to 1 July 2024, providers now have the gift of additional time that should be embraced to prepare for the new era, as there are competitors out there who are preparing their organisations. 

Understanding the macro and micro-operating environments and the needs and preferences of present and future consumers is fundamental to success

Forward thinking providers are recognising the importance of having industry wide consumer experience intelligence, and understanding how their organisation is performing in relation to others to deliver better client and business outcomes. 

With discussions that the new Support at Home Program will include a mandated fixed price list, reputation will begin to replace price as the key differentiator in a growing home care sector.

Without positive customer experience at the heart of things, providers will simply not be able to attract and retain customers.

Those that cannot react quick enough will be unable to maintain market share and stay competitive.

The Strategic Importance of CX Benchmarking

We are constantly being told by providers that when reporting to the board on customer experience metrics, the common question asked is:

“So how do we compare to the sector”?

Knowing how your home care service is performing in relation to others – both within your organisation and the wider sector – is an effective way to identify and measure areas of improvement.

Benchmarking on customer experience data has largely been non-existent, despite the proven role of quality of life indicators for clients in aged care.

Traditionally benchmarking in aged care has focussed on clinical or financial data.

Customer experience benchmarking helps you to know the industry standard, allowing you to identify areas that may require improvement or help you to know that you are on the right track, keeping pace with your competition.

In short, benchmarking can:

Help you set realistic goals for your business – by showing how you are performing in the sector so that you can use this to inform CX KPIs for the organisation to work towards if underperforming. 

Help you improve – by helping you identify and highlight specific areas within your business that need your attention.

Help you celebrate success – you can leverage key insights/metrics to drive marketing messaging and communications with your current and future customers.

The Benchmarkable CX metrics that matter

Here are the top CX metrics that are very useful for organisations to understand their clients and provide a better experience.

1.) Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) – is a simplified way of determining customer happiness. The CSAT survey question asks customers to rate their satisfaction on a scale of 1-5, ranging from very unsatisfied to very satisfied. Then you calculate the percentage of satisfied customers based on your total responses.

A standard C-SAT survey question: Overall, how satisfied are you with this organisation?

2.) Net Promoter Score (NPS) – is a crucial metric that helps you determine the loyalty of your customers. Your customers are your best ambassadors. The NPS survey question identifies promoters, passives and detractors by asking customers to rate their likeness to recommend you across a rating scale, ranging from very unlikely to very likely.

A standard NPS survey question: How likely are you to recommend this organisation to a friend or family member?

3.) Customer Experience Score (CER) is a positive response score based on responses to the 12 Likert scale questions created by the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission and forming part of the aged care Star rating score.

CarePage Business is one of the only customer management systems to include home care CX benchmarks to allow you to truly understand how you compare within the sector.

Our home care benchmarking enables providers to gain competitive intelligence by comparing consumer experience metrics, including;

  • Net Promoter Score NPS
  • Key quality of life domains 
  • Consumer experience report (CER) score 
  • Customer Satisfaction Score CSAT

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Each participating provider will receive:

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  • NPS for each provider, including percentile ranking
  • CSAT score for each provider, including percentile ranking 
  • Key theme identification from open ended text responses
  • Detailed summary of best practice methods to feedback collection that you can apply in your organisation
  • Insights from industry experts

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