Evaluating resident experience in retirement living


Over the last few years the retirement living sector has been working towards an accepted standard to help operators provide a trustworthy and high-quality service to those living in, and considering moving to, a retirement community. 

In times of increasing competition, compliance and constantly evolving residents’ needs, being responsive and knowing how your prospective, current or past residents perceive your service is not only required from a regulatory perspective, but it also gives you an opportunity to understand if you are delivering on your brand’s promise.

To effectively monitor, measure and evaluate the experiences of residents, we need to view all customer touch points. Not just when they are a permanent resident. Taking a 360 degree view of customer experience will help to identify trends and uncover any systemic issues in the company or opportunities for improvement at an individual village level.

A particular focus for operators when preparing for compliance has been to ensure the wellbeing of residents is upheld, through fairness in marketing and sales practices, maintaining good relationships with residents and stakeholders and specific processes when residents move out.

Start measuring

CarePage Business is a market-leading, older markets specific customer experience software. 

CarePage has developed a number of feedback and complaints tools allowing operators to gather real-time feedback, monitor trend data and report on themes.

To support operators be compliance-ready, CarePage is offering discount access to start measuring and evaluating customer experience.

Retirement living providers who sign up before 31 October 2022 can get 12 months access to self-evaluation survey templates and real-time analytics for just $4.50 per resident, covering:

  • Entry: Moving into the community
  • Everyday life: Living in the community
  • Exit: Leaving the community

Book a demo to find out how you can access this limited time offer and start measuring experience along the customer journey.