How bringing quality and HR metrics into a single platform can help your organisation thrive


Most organisations are guilty of managing their business in silos. HR, quality + customer service, marketing teams (and more) often work separately, each taking responsibility for specialist areas of the business, with infrequent interaction or collaboration.

Customer and employee experience are often measured and viewed separately, within these departmental silos. While this method of measuring and viewing data is often the norm – but it doesn’t have to be.

The saying goes, that ‘everyone is responsible for customer experience.’ There are many benefits to be gained from measuring and sharing insights from these two critical areas alongside each other. 

By measuring these two critical insights alongside each other it provides you with risk profiling data.

Despite the different audiences, they share similar objectives. 

Forward-thinking organisations are aligning these functions, putting a single senior executive in charge of ‘experience,’ And joining insights gained from all stakeholders to risk profile potential issues and guide improvements – to the benefit of customers, employees and the organisation as a whole. 

With many years experience working with health and aged care providers, we have seen and continue to see that a drop in employee engagement is often precursor to drops in customer engagement and satisfaction.

Not surprising given that ‘people’ make up a core of the experience when it comes to delivery of care services. 

Furthermore, empowering employees to give feedback on quality through their eyes delivers the ability for organisations to gain better oversight over the delivery of services and how well quality standards are being met.

Recognising the importance of viewing these two experience areas alongside each other. CarePage Business delivers the ability to capture, measure and view feedback from customers and employees in a single real-time dashboard.

We support organisations to ask the right questions, look at the right metrics and access meaningful insights to drive improvement and deliver better experiences across the customer journey.

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