Market leading customer experience platforms join forces to improve real time reporting when it comes to CX and EX feedback

Resident celebrating the good news about the partnership, and bringing improved methods of collecting feedback to the sector.
Resident celebrating the good news about the partnership, and bringing improved methods of collecting feedback to the sector.

CarePage and Checked In Care are pleased to publicly announce their partnership to drive a joint vision of improving quality of care, quality of life, and experiences for older people by providing operators and managers with easy-to-use innovative technology.

CarePage, a comprehensive 360-degree customer & employee experience system, and Checked In Care, a communication, social engagement, and customer experience self-service app, are market-leading software providers that, combined, support close to 50% of the care sector.

Lauren Todorovic, CEO of CarePage says, “Working in partnership with Checked In Care we can provide managers and executives with a deeper layer of customer and employee insights, and complaints data required for compliance against the quality standards.”

CarePage will become the surveys and complaints module for Checked In Care clients wanting to delve deeper into their insights and benchmark against the sector, said Ms Todorovic.

“Providers using Checked In Care’s communications app will now be able to integrate feedback surveys designed specifically for use with older adults and in the care sector. Providing accessible, real-time feedback collection opportunities at the point of contact.”

John Perkins, CEO of Checked In Care, says this partnership is closely aligned with the organisation’s philosophy to enable a better quality of life, more cost-effectively, through the innovative use of technology. 

“Providers are increasingly seeking solutions to support the efficient and effective delivery of high quality, consumer-centric care, and support. 

“Through our partnership with CarePage, we can offer aged care teams a solution to communicate, plan, deliver and now receive feedback on personalised care services.” says Mr Perkins.

“A major concern for operators right now is not having a clear line of sight over the running of individual homes and services. With increasing expectations from the quality assessors when it comes to trends and process improvement all being in one platform, it becomes more important to work together as software vendors to support our clients to get the information they need”, he said.

To celebrate the partnership CarePage and Checked In Care are offering a 20% discount for all new clients for the first year of engagement with either organisation – simply mention this article by the end of September 2021.*

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