What does your PCI / CQI plan look like?


A Plan for Continuous Improvement (PCI) or Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) plan aims to ensure that all residents/clients, patients and team members, and other stakeholders feel consistently empowered to improve efforts and results.

Are you tired of using spreadsheets to track improvements over time?

That’s ok if you are, most clients we work with were too. We knew there must be a better way to track one of your most important business improvement initiatives, whilst ensuring compliance with the quality standards.

Benefits of continuous improvement

  • Identify changes in care and service needs
  • Improve care and services to residents / clients and patients
  • Improve stakeholder input and ownership
  • Enhance systems to monitor and track change

The continuous improvement cycle

The model shown below is the four-phase Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, as per the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commissioner.
Plan – What changes can be made to result in improvements
Do – Implement the plan, taking small controlled steps
Check – Evaluate the results
Act – Take action to standardise the process

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