Resident Happiness Microlearning series


Resident Happiness starts by having a trained and knowledgable workforce that have the tools in their toolkit and the confidence to implement engagement strategies.

Most webinar series out there are provided for senior leaders rather than for our frontline workforce. To support our objectives to improve resident happiness, CarePage is running a free ten month webinar series specifically for Lifestyle Managers, PCA’s and Diversional therapists.

It will provide Lifestyle Managers, Diversional Therapists and PCA’s an opportunity to learn new, positive resident engagement strategies from a variety of engagement experts in different fields. 

The purpose of each webinar will be to provide frontline workforce with tangible strategies for them to use immediately in their homes. Frontline workforce play a critical role in ensuring residents happiness, yet often they don’t have the time or are they afforded the opportunity to hear from experts in the field to help them reflect, consider and adapt their current techniques. The overall goal for this 10 part series is to up-skill their workforce so they have additional tools in their toolkit and ultimately improve resident happiness.

Each webinar will be streamed monthly at no cost to attendees. Those who register will also have access to recordings of each webinar which will cover the following resident engagement topics: 

  • Awakening: Strategies for re-engaging residents that have become withdrawn (August)
  • Art Therapy: Tips to help residents express themselves through art (September)
  • Music Therapy: Music engagement techniques that go beyond pressing ‘play’ (October)
  • Dementia: Creating connections throughout the stages of cognitive decline (November)
  • Community: Leveraging local services to improve resident experience (January)
  • Tech Talk: Tips for bridging the tech divide for seniors to promote connectivity (February)
  • Fitness: Implementing exercise programs that encourage participation (March)
  • Self Determination: Empowering residents to take control of their care (April)
  • Culture Care: Considerations when caring for culturally diverse residents (May)
  • Resident Insight: Understanding the effects of engagement on care recipients (June)

Ongoing reforms to the sector which focus on consumer experience has made the upskilling of staff engagement strategies imperative to future proofing aged care organisations.

Micro-learning in the form of monthly webinars will provide staff with valuable resident engagement education that can inform practices and increase the likelihood of positive experiences for care recipients.

In addition, webinar attendance will also count towards continual professional development (CPD) points due to the wealth of knowledge and potential for skill development.

Webinar 3 – Demystifying Music Therapy: Strategies for using music intentionally and effectively in aged care

In the fourth part of CarePage’s Resident Happiness Microleaning webinar series, dual qualified Registered and Neurologic Music Therapist, Hayley Antipas, will demonstrate a variety of tangible Music Therapy strategies that carers and lifestyle teams can utilise in their facilities.

As the Director of leading music therapy organisation, Attuned Health, Hayley will showcase the evidence-based benefits of music therapy for people with dementia and take attendees through steps that have been proven to improve quality of life.

The areas being covered will include: 

  1. Why music is so important (and useful) from a brain and psychological perspective
  2. What types of music-based experiences you can use
  3. Key music therapy theories to help you select meaningful music and use music to regulate mood
  4. Planning and facilitating music-based experiences to assist in care

Join Hayley Antipas and webinar host Jakob Neeland from 11.00am (AEST) on November 30 by clicking the link below and registering your details.

This is a FREE event and everyone in the aged care and disability space is encouraged to attend.

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