Customer complaints don’t have to be difficult to manage, here’s why


CarePage 360 Tickets, a complete feedback & complaints module, is an effective internal complaints system, offering providers something that drives their business to continuously improve and provides greater visibility over complaints data – themes, trends and at high-risk homes ahead of time.

If you’re tired of spreadsheets and looking to close the feedback loop, whilst ensuring compliance then we can’t wait to help you.

Almost always there are triggers ahead of time, but unfortunately, systems often aren’t established to use these insights to effectively manage risk.

They can also shed light on systemic issues with the performance of the system overall. 

A common theme featured throughout the final submission and recommendation reports to the Royal Commission were pertaining to the inadequacies when monitoring, managing and resolving complaints by providers, and also the complaints commissioner.

With greater accountability, liability and obligations for Directors and Board Members, performance data that extends beyond clinical audits and focuses more on consumer and employee sentiment will provide greater visibility. 

As reported in the research commissioned by the Royal Commission from the National Ageing Research Institute, based on a survey of aged care residents, was that:

“Complaints are a critical source of information about not only the performance of and risks presented by particular providers. 

An ineffective complaints scheme can diminish the supply of that critical information. 

This represents a lost opportunity to improve the system by addressing issues at their inception before they have become major problems”.

Let us help you create a more efficient, accurate and effective feedback and complaints system.

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